A smoking flashmob where a group of people converge on a spot for a few minutes, then vanish.

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Attempts to reduce the amount of smoking on TV and in films would be a “gross attack on artistic freedom” and a “worrying attempt to rewrite history”, says Forest.

Forest has criticised the opinion of a leading advisor to the European Court of Justice after he announced that the EU ban on the sale of snus, a smokeless tobacco pouch, is "valid".

"Why would any government want to undermine the future of a product that may encourage smokers to quit voluntary and without coercion?"

Forest has urged NHS Grampian to allow the use of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices on hospital grounds.

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"Tobacco is not an illegal substance yet the government is persecuting a minority. I think that's a disgrace in a social democracy."

Sir Ronald Harwood,
Playwright and screenwriter

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