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Forest's day-to-day work is carried out by a small team of highly committed staff, supported by professional consultants who work on specific projects and campaigns.

In addition, we welcome the support of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer your services, contact us on 01223 370156 (office hours) or email:

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Nothing impresses journalists and MPs more than a lively, well-attended event with a serious political message.

Forest has a well-deserved reputation for organising some of the best events at party conferences and and elsewhere. Highlights include a 'Politics and Prohibition' party at the 2006 Conservative conference in Bournemouth when we dressed a hotel ballroom to look like a Chicago speakeasy, complete with actors dressed as poker players. Later in the evening our thespians changed into police uniforms and staged a mock raid that culminated in the "arrest" of one of our guest speakers. The charge? "Inciting people to enjoy themselves."

We have also organised events at Labour and Lib Dem conferences, and we regularly host events in London. Last year our main event in London was a boat party ('Smoke on the Water') which was attended by half a dozen MPs and over 200 other guests.

We have organised events at Boisdale of Belgravia, our favourite smoker-friendly bar restaurant, and the famous Groucho Club in Soho. Guests have included artist David Hockney, musician Joe Jackson, Daily Mirror columnist Sue Caroll, Daily Mail columnist Tom Utley and many more.

Our biggest and most successful event was our 'Revolt In Style' dinner for 400 people at The Savoy shortly before the introduction of the smoking ban in England in July 2007. Speakers included BBC presenter Andrew Neil, TV chef (and patron of Forest) Antony Worrall Thompson, and Claire Fox, director of the Institute of Ideas.


We welcome donations to support our work. In 2010 donations from individual supporters ranged from £10 to £300 to £2,000. Whatever you can afford to contribute, we would be delighted and grateful to accept.

Cheques payable to 'Forest Limited' should be sent to:

Sheraton House
Castle Park
CB3 0AX 

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"Tobacco is not an illegal substance yet the government is persecuting a minority. I think that's a disgrace in a social democracy."

Sir Ronald Harwood,
Playwright and screenwriter

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