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Amend smoking ban "to help save the Irish pub"

Wed 30th March, 2011

On the seventh anniversary of the Irish smoking ban, Forest Eireann has urged the new government to amend the ban to bring Ireland into line with European countries such as Holland, Belgium and Denmark and “help save the Irish pub”.

In a letter published by the Irish Independent, spokesman John Mallon wrote:

"In the seven years since the smoking ban, more than a thousand pubs have gone bust. Our pub culture is one of the reasons why Ireland is a great place to live and visit, despite the tough economic times. Pubs bring people together. They are a great social glue where friendships are made and people can enjoy a sociable and responsible drink.

"On its seventh anniversary it is time to amend the smoking ban to allow pubs freedom of choice. A sensible compromise has been found in countries such as Holland where small, owner-managed pubs can chose to be smoking or non-smoking, and larger premises are regulated to have smoke-free, ventilated rooms.

"With a change of government, let's have a change of heart on pubs and at the same time help save one of Ireland's great institutions."

See: Let's save Irish pubs – bring back smoking (Irish Independent)

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