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Boston bans use of e-cigarettes in the workplace

Thu 1st December, 2011

Health officials in Boston, USA, have voted to ban the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace.

The Boston Public Health Commission also prohibited the sale of individual cigars, which, health officials say, have become an attractive option for teenagers looking for less expensive alternatives to cigarettes. 

“A whole generation is not going to start using tobacco and nicotine products,’’ said Margaret Reid, who oversees the commission’s tobacco control programme.

Under the new regulations, retailers must apply for a permit to sell e-cigarettes, which are often marketed as a nicotine replacement therapy to help smokers quit.

The new Boston regulations require that e-cigarettes be placed behind store counters, like tobacco products, and that they not be sold to anyone under age 18. The workplace ban includes restaurant patios and decks, and loading docks.

Source: Boston Globe (1 December 2011)

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