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Councils threaten to ban smoking in parks

Sun 7th August, 2011

Councils in the UK are planning to ban smoking in parks, using the government's new Localism Bill to fine smokers. 

Councils and National Health Service trusts are targeting areas such as play parks to make "smoking history for our children".

Bill Wearing, head of Cumbria council's health and well-being committee, said: "Nobody wants to see anyone smoking near children's play areas.

"It is getting to a stage where people think it is socially unacceptable in parks. Once it becomes socially unacceptable, it becomes a lot easier to bring in laws."

Health chiefs say the ban is justified because in parts of Britain one in three people still smoke.

"Siblings and parents are role models for children. If a child's parents smoke, they are three times more likely to smoke themselves," said Smokefree South West.

A spokesman for Forest, the smokers' lobby group, said: "It is a completely unnecessary intrusion into people's lives."

Source: Sunday Times (7 August 2011)

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