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Sydney apartments stub out smoking

Sat 2nd April, 2011

An apartment block in Sydney has made history by becoming the first residential building in Australia to ban smoking inside all residents' homes. Advocates say it could be the way of the future for high-density living.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the owners of the building have introduced a bylaw to stop anyone smoking anywhere within the building and on its balconies. The action followed complaints about smoke drifting into neighbouring flats, and butts dropped from balconies.

"We've made it a smoke-free zone in its entirety," Alex Antic, chairman of the owners' corporation, said. "The right for people to smoke has to be balanced with other people's rights to clean and fresh air in their own home. Smoking isn't just a nuisance, either; it has serious health effects."

Source: Last gasp: not even the balcony is safe for a puff (Sydney Morning Herald)

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