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Was Osama bin Laden an anti-smoker?

Thu 5th May, 2011

"Osama bin Laden's hatred of western decadence is well-documented," says the Daily Telegraph, "but according to villagers close to where he was shot dead earlier this week, it seems he included smoking as one of its vices."

Shopkeepers where two of his close lieutenants did the bin Laden family shopping said they regularly bought one or two single cigarettes and smoked them immediately because they could not smoke them in their compound.The apparent ban on smoking is in line with a Taliban ruling that while taking snuff is permissible, smoking tobacco is "haram" or forbidden by Islam.

Grocer Mohammad Usman, 18, said the two brothers would often buy single cigarettes and smoke them outside his shop on the dusty road."They preferred not to take the cigarettes back to the compound, they finished them here and did not take the pack home," he said.

Source: Daily Telegraph (5 May 2011)

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